giovedì 8 dicembre 2011

New season is started!

Ice falls are forming and conditions start to be good!

We had a week of rain and than some cold nights.
As soon as possible we will post some pictures of new ice falls.

venerdì 28 gennaio 2011

Cogne Lauson

Conditions are amazing todsay. Perfect ice every where. Very safe climbing with snow conditions.

giovedì 13 gennaio 2011

Hot Ice Cold hands

Gav on Stella Artic in stella nic.Val Lillaz

Cogne is the place to be. Its horrible in Cham, raining in Switzerland and midges in Scotland! Climbed in Val de Rhemes. Lots of snow makes access difficult. Plenty of avalanches also. Antares in good nic.

mercoledì 12 gennaio 2011

Cascade de Lillaz

Had a great day on the Cascade de Lillaz today.  Plenty of parties out there and some fun to be had - especially on the first pitch.  Back to town for a bruschetta and almost time for dinner at La Barme.  Tough life...

Tuborg and Coyote

Dave Hollinger and David Grant climbed Tuborg and Coyote in Val Lillaz. Both routes in stonking conditions. Coyote steep but very well hooked. Tuborg easy climbing but difficult to get screws. An hour of sun. Good track in.
Dave and David.

Cascade de Lillaz

 Today we climbed Lillaz in amazing condition. Its perfect all the way to the top. 7 pitches. The first pitch is a bit fragile but ok. Watch out for the pools collapsing. Interesting the route Hard Ice On The Rocks which I backed off yesterday fell down today. Good call! Staying at the Barme Hotel as normal , fantastic food etc.
Cheers Twid