Guide feedback – Enrico Bonino Alpine Mountain Guide

Jan 23, 2020

Enrico Bonino Alpine Mountain Guide

Climbed today “Favola di Alice”. Excellent general conditions starting from the drytooling pitch on the left, graded M6 / M6 +. The central pitch is instead dominated by a dangerous delicate hanging fringe. The right one is climbable without too many worries.

The general conditions of the ice vary with the temperatures. The cold of recent days has closed the springs under the falls and in many cases has pushed the water to the surface. Reason why some waterfalls as the cold begun started dripping.  Example of all Repentance Super: water runs along the entire main wall, especially on the third pitch pillar.

Monday Money, Sputnik, Porcelain Vertigo, right and left Patry, Acheronte are now in good conditions. The Thoule waterfall already gets a lot of sun in its upper part where the ice covers the black slabs: chance of important ice detachments: I suggest to avoid making moulinettes on the first pitch!

Sentinel Ice has been climbed by several teams but exiting out the route through the drytooling pitch on the right. The candle is not yet well attached to the ground.


Enrico Bonino Mountain Guide


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