Guide feedback 19/02/2020 – Enrico Bonino Alpine Mountain Guide

Feb 29, 2020

Still good conditions on the shady side of the Valnontey and Valeille. After the last snowfall from 2 days ago nothing has massively changed. About 15 cm of snow had fallen with some wind blowing most of it away. The very sunny day we had yesterday packed most of the new layer and purged most of the couloirs. We are having a new light snowfall at the moment and tomorrow the forecast calls for relatively cold temperatures with rising wind during the afternoon.

As i said the classical Patry right and left are still in good nik. Left exit is little thin on the right side of the wall but still solid and not dripping. The right pillar is in very good conditions with foot steps and hooks all the way. The ice is getting dry and brittle allover the places.

Acheronte and Monday Money are still very good and apparently Monday Money has stopped dripping.

Lillaz Gully has been constantly climbed and unless it falls 30cm of snow is fairly safe for now.

Tutto è relativo has stopped dripping and is still very solid: be careful if it snow over 10 cm it could accumulate unstable snow layer in the couloir above.

Same thing for Pattinaggio artistico and Hard ice in the rock: good conditions but watch for the night snowfall as also the way down could become dangerous.

Eaux de cristaux: many lines possible at the moment. Brittle but solid ice.

Enrico Bonino Mountain Guide


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